Well It has been awhile and let me tell you why. We sold our house to fund building a new one in a very desirable golf course location. However, the day of closing the buyers decided they did not like my husband’s paint job and really wanted my mom’s hand-made curtains that matched my daughter’s bed and therefore we owed the BUYER’S $2000. WHAT I don’t think so. You are buying my house I am not paying you. So after much back and forth and 2 days of wasted lawyer fees we are left with our house that we have to sell again! We have rethought the process however. We are doing a quick reno of paint, floors, and a bathroom to spruce it up and hopefully list it higher than before.  As for the old buyer’s… just found out today that they bought a different house. Coincidence?

We are now currently living at my parents. In their house there are my 2 parents, their dog, my brother who has never left, my husband and I, our 2 daughter’s and our dog. A pretty full house, but liveable. Did I mention my sister? She used to live on an Island called St. Joseph with her husband and son. They were tired of the hour long commute to town for work however and put their house up for sale. After 2 real estate agents and almost a year they finally sold their house… the same month I did. So now she is homeless as well. They have chosen to live at her mother in laws BUT where do you think she would feel more comfortable? Of course, here at our mom’s. So add my sister, her husband, her son and her dog for occasional sleep overs and weekends. Oh and did I mention she is pregnant!

Just ask my dad how he feels about all 3 of his kids being in their mid 20’s and homeless.


2 responses to “AHHHHH

  1. I love your real writing. We just spent three months living with my parent while we renovated, so I can relate. Thanks for visiting my blog!!

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