Finding our Groove

So we have been at my parent’s house for several weeks now. I think everyone is doing quite well. I am doing my best to follow my kids and pick up all their trails, my mom’s dog has not attacked my husband too much, my husband has not kicked the dog, and my parents are dealing with the noise and clutter! Since my husband is renovating our house to sell it (once again) I am happy to be here and have company in the evenings. Just don’t tell them my plan to escape to the gym after the kids are in bed from now on! I have also started exploring a nutrition product called Moringa. Of course who better to experiment with than your own family members right? The chances of a law-suit are far less ( in my family anyway we are too cheap). My dad took it for a few days and started experiencing more mental clarity. Then he stopped for hunting so stay tuned for round 2 with dad. Mom has been taking Moringa for 8 days and her restless leg disorder has not bothered her for those days so far. Kinsley (2 years) has been taking Moringa for almost a week now and her crazy mood swings and almost non-existent appetite have improved. I have been taking Moringa for 2 weeks and finally have energy again.  I know I have a 2 year old and 7 month old and that is a lot of work but I was worn out and not feeling like myself! Everything was work even the fun stuff! Kinsley has never slept well and I have no idea why because I am all about tough love sometimes but now when she wakes me up several times during the night I can still function without the sleep hangover all day long. I can’t wait to see some of the long term benefits for my family. This is exciting Feeling good, goodnight!


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