Taissa, Our Needy Baby

Taissa has been a challenge since conception! She is our second child and our first was so easy we did not think twice about doing it again right away, So when Kinsley turned 1 we got pregnant again right away. Which in my family for most of us that means I just thought about it and it happened. There is no such thing as “trying”.

Several months into the pregnancy after my second ultrasound (the first being only a few weeks in since I knew the day I got pregnant), I was called to my doctor’s office and told to get there as soon as I could but of course they would not tell me why on the phone. I had placenta previa and a small tear as well. No lifting, no exercise, no anything. I was allowed to work thank goodness because I didn’t even have enough hours yet to cover another maternity leave. But I could not even lift my 1.5 year old daughter. Also it meant my husband had to do everything. Pick her up and drop her off at daycare, lug the laundry baskets around, do bath time. These are all things he is happy to do he just has an incredibly demanding job and we definitely had a big adjustment to make. My family also helped when they could with daycare pickups and chores.

I of course was in total shock because my first pregnancy was a breeze. No sickness, no pain, I worked out until 2 days before she was born, and didn’t even feel pregnant. I had assumed that would happen again. Why not? I was young…enough, healthy. That was naïve.

Luckily the placenta previa corrected itself and the tear healed. Then there was another problem. Taissa would not come out and when she finally did she almost arrived in the car! 3 days after her due date and my 3rd round of castor oil we went to the hospital for about the 3rd time in the last 2 weeks (she faked it a few times before that ). Only to be sent home again because of no change. So here I am 40 weeks and 3 days, 6cm dialated with contraction 5 minutes apart and I have to try to go back to bed. Well that was a mistake because an hour later my water broke while I was sleeping through contractions and then she was coming. By the time Grandma arrived (10 minutes later) I could no longer walk to the car. We arrived just in time to run to the maternity ward (well I was in a wheelchair) hop on the bed and have the baby, with no doctor. Great. I guess it was a slow night because she had gone home to sleep and did not arrive until after the baby was born. Then the complications began.

1. Taissa had to be monitored every 4 hours because I was supposed to have been given antibiotics for strep B but obviously did not have time to sit around on an IV for an hour before giving birth.

2. 10 days after she was born we rushed back to emerge because she was puking up blood… turned out to be mine.

3. 2 months after she was born I thought it would be great to start introducing formula to get a break now and then. Well her whole body broke out in a rash and then it turned to skin breaking eczema.

4. A week after that I thought soy formula might be a safer option. She projectile vomited that option all over my parents house for hours one evening. Bad idea.

5. At 6 months old they were telling me she was too small, only in the 7th percentile for weight but 67th for height. If only that doctor had seen some of my cousins growing up! They would have been hospitalized. Taissa can’t help it if she comes from a family of shrimps!

Did I mention her personality? Very pleasurable for the most part, if I am right beside her. Leave her side for a minute and she acts like someone pinched her.

The turn around.

Taissa is now 8 months old and doing much better. I have started taking Moringa ( Zija’s www.kmclean.myzija.com) to ensure I was healthy therefore the breastmilk I was producing was healthy. Taissa started on solids so I began slipping coconut oil in her foods to beef her up. She is a good eater! The best news is that I tried a few formula’s found one she liked and she is not allergic anymore!! More good news Taissa gained a whole pound in 3 weeks on her new diet!  She is still a clingy baby and does not amuse herself well but that’s what a year off is for right?


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