Moringa Buisness

Alright everyone you must know by now I have jumped into the Zija opportunity. As soon as I was introduced to the product and information I could not believe that a little (and I am not kidding when I say this) pathetic looking tree could do all this. I am still not 100% sure about ALL the healing powers listed yet because I am just getting into this but in my own experience I have already noticed changes. As mentioned in my older posts ( so very few I know). I have noticed a change in my mood, energy, and weight. To clarify all GOOD changes! If the Moringa tree is as amazing as I think it is I just want everyone to try it because it can help every type of person! I really love the simple philosophy too. A serving of this tree delivers complete nutrition. So everything you need vitamin, mineral and nutrient wise in your body. The thinking is that if your body is getting everything it needs its going to work right, work better and heal itself if need be. Now that makes sense to me! So basically I am excited to be helping people and being able to sell something that you, in my opinion need! Not overpriced useless junk or luxuries. Food that helps people!

However I am not sure why I thought this would be easy! In between selling my house, moving, living at my parents, and raising a newborn and a 2 year old, I decided to start a business. What was I thinking! I unfortunately do not get a lot of work time! I crunch the laptop from 9-11 almost every night trying to train, reach contacts, and network, all new stuff for me! I normally don’t do much online aside from bills and email so this was quite an adventure. It’s exciting though and I am happy to have a new project… sometimes. Taissa has also come on a few prospect visits. I thought she would be a great tool. Ya a cute little baby could totally sell Moringa for me. Wrong! All she did was glare lol. Talk about rude. We really need to work on her people skills! Ok check out the biz and give me tips, suggestions, advice, or a chance ! Have a good night!



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