Moving Back Home

That’s it we have had it! We moved out of our home after it was sold to live at my parents for a few months while we built our new one. As you may know the buyers back out on the closing date. We moved out for NOTHING. We decided to gamble and update the house to try to sell it once again for a higher profit. The house that we still own looks amazing, new paint and hardwood floors. Well the bad luck kept coming. The day before our listing was to go up the house down the street ( not as nice or finished) went for sale for a much cheaper price. No one wants ours. To stay competitive we would have to lower our asking price significantly and just break even not to mention the emotional and physical stress everyone is going through during all this. We have decided it is NOT WORHT IT. As well the new area we are wanting to build in does not yet have services or deeds so who knows if we would even be able to start before the snow?  Too risky! SO back to Woodlawn we go. It has been very frustrating and disappointing. When if they buyers had not backed out on extremely unreasonable terms we probably would have  had a basement and frame by now. Not to mention I painted Woodlawn gray, blue, and white ew! Cool colours are not my style. Neither are super dark floors lol. I need a sign that says welcome to my cool, dusty, house. Well on the bright side we are going back to great neighbours and my sister has just bought a house one block away. We will have lots of off time together. Not sure when we will get to build our dream house now but hopefully one day in the not so far future.


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