A New Idea!

I have switched up my blog idea a little. Instead of just rambling on about myself I will try to share some useful thoughts about what products and things have made my life with 2 girls easier. There is a lot of stuff out there that can be so useful and you just find it too late!  First up a photo of the Nike sandal Kinsley wore last year. Love these. They have a shoe bottom but are lightweight, and come with a covered toe (I like the protection). I love how they don’t chafe when they are wet, how light they are to walk in and that they work everywhere. Last year they were expensive but this year they have come down a lot in price. I would say they fit on the smaller side of sizes. I hate clunky, heavy shoes so these were a perfect fit for me!


One more thing. I will still be rambling on just a little. Today at school I wore a strapless sundress. 2 students asked if I was having another baby, I guess the pouf of the skirt was in the wrong spot to be flattering on me. This evening while my husband was at the gym, my dad offered to come over and sit after the kids went to bed so I could go for a run. Then I did a small ab workout on my neighbour’s side lawn because ours was wet from the kiddie sprinkler we used today. Hopefully I can keep this up and loose the still pregnant look. It’s only flattering if you are actually pregnant.


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