My 3 Year Old Photographer

100_0070 100_0079

Very cool gift idea if you have a little technology whiz like I do. Kinsley got a kid friendly digital camera. This one is made by Vtech but there may be better options out there. It only has 1.3 mega pixels so it takes pretty fuzzy pictures if you don’t have  a steady hand but she loves using it. She has taken about 150 pictures in a few days. The things I like about it are seeing what she chooses to be photo worthy. She has been taking pictures of mostly her new hermit crabs, her family, and a few other toys and animals. I really enjoy seeing the funny pictures she takes and getting to know the important things in her world.

This camera is parent friendly too! I had no trouble hooking it up to my laptop and printing small pictures on our home printer in minutes. We then put them in a scrap book and wrote some of our observations! It was really fun. There is nothing to download either!


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